The Book

As part of the Why Travel? project we will be publishing a book, due for publication in 2019.

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Why travel? What are the fundamental motivations that underpin the journeys we make? And how can we make decisions that better satisfy these motivations and the quality of our travel experiences?

This book explores these questions from across all fields of human knowledge, providing insights from experts across the sciences, arts and humanities. It argues that travel is rooted in the desire to move as a purpose in itself: an issue determined by social, physical, psychological and cultural factors that are often missed in our decision making – whether that be choices we make about where to live and work, or travel demand analysis and forecasting used for national policy.

Why Travel? examines some of the key conundrums that travel creates, including: Can we satisfy our desire to travel without such a large carbon footprint? How can we improve the quality of the journeys we make while ensuring they enhance our surroundings? Can we still experience the thrill of travel while reducing the risks? How is mobility changing in response to technological and social developments?

The authors offer thought-provoking and practical new perspectives which will be vital for those working within and studying transport and travel, and fascinating for all those who journey near and far and have ever wondered why we travel and how it could be improved.

Information on authors, contents and publication details coming soon…