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‘Border’ wins Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year

March 2018 The Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year prize for 2018 was awarded recently to Kapka Kassabova for her book Border: A journey to the edge of Europe (Granta). The prize is one of those offered in the annual Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards, which includes prizes for adventure travel books as well […]

Educational Travel Today: Study Abroad, Road Schooling and Self Improvement

February 2018 “Travel is the best education”: so say a plethora of inspirational travel blogs and articles, encouraging the reader to see the world and learn new things. As we examined in our last blogpost, the idea of the educational value of travel is far from new, although according to some academics this link has […]

Travel as Education in 16th- 19th Century Europe: From ‘Grand Tours’ to ‘Working Men’s Excursions’

January 2018 The idea of travel as education has a long history.[1] Euripides, a Greek playwright of the 5th century BC said: “Experience, travel—these are as education in themselves”; and this idea remains popular today. But what exactly is it that travel teaches us? In this blogpost, we look at the evolution of educational travel […]

Influencing tourist behaviour in Amsterdam: beer bikes, taxes and smart technology

December 2017 Amsterdam has banned beer bikes from the city centre, claiming that these pedal-powered beer bars favoured by party-loving tourists are a ‘public order problem’ which cause traffic congestion and antisocial behaviour. The ban is one step taken by the city in trying to combat some of the negative impacts of its booming tourist […]

The health benefits of travel

November 2017 In our last blogpost we explored ‘health tourism’ – the act of travelling in order to receive medical treatments or undertake activities to improve one’s health and wellness – but according to some scientific studies, travel in itself can benefit our health. The health benefits of travel also formed a central issue of […]

Health Tourism: Travelling for medical treatment, health and wellness throughout the ages

October 2017 ‘Health Tourism’ is a term that often hits the UK headlines in reference to people travelling to Britain to obtain treatment from the NHS free of charge. Some recent coverage, for example, has focused on women coming to give birth in the UK when pregnant with triplets and quadruplets who may need expensive […]