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A full archive of news stories from the Why Travel website:

December 2017 – Influencing tourist behaviour in Amsterdam: beer bikes, taxes and smart technology

November 2017 – The health benefits of travel

October 2017 – Health Tourism: Travelling for medical treatment, health and wellness throughout the ages

September 2017 – Largest ever all-female expedition to Antarctica: exploration, adventure travel and gender

March 2017 – Travelling to shop: the rise of shopping as a major motivation for international travel

February 2017 – First direct freight train from China arrives in London: towards the new Silk Road
January 2017 – ITC report reveals “seismic shifts” in individual travel behaviour in England

December 2016 – Chinese tourists in Kidlington – travel and the search for authenticity

November 2016 – The Ethical Paradox of Last Chance Tourism

September 2016 – Bangkok overtakes London as the world’s top tourist destination

4 July 2016 – Restricting visitor numbers: does tourism need saving from itself?

20 June 2016 – Technological change and the future of travel: ITC Annual Lecture 2016

12 May 2016 – Creatures of habit: Why do a third of Britons return every year to the same holiday destination?

28 April 2016 – ‘Striking changes’ in children’s travel finds new report: children travelling less independently and walking less

15 March 2016 – Active Travel Being Encouraged Worldwide: physically active mobility has wide-ranging benefits for the health and liveability of cities

10 February 2016 – The world’s largest annual human migration – travelling home for Lunar New Year

29 January 2016 – Troubles in the Schengen Zone: could this end passport-free travel in Europe?

29 December 2016 – Tourists arrested for flying a drone over the Vatican: drones and the future of tourism

29 November 2015 – Going Home: Virtual reality allows 88-year-old to ‘return home’ to his North Korean village for first time in 68 years

5 November 2015 – Mars One – A journey of exploration with no return home

23 October 2015 – Fewer young people in Europe are travelling: decline goes against global travel trends

10 October 2015 – ‘Gun Control Australia’ calls for US Travel Boycott: ethical travel and boycotts

18 September 2015 – Gender and Travel: Iranian star footballer unable to compete because husband refused permission to travel

6 September 2015 – Travel jacket for frequent fliers breaks crowd-funding records

26 August 2015 – Tourist visits to Thailand fall dramatically following Bangkok bombing

20 July 2015 – We are ‘falling out of love with the car’ but the popularity of rail travel will continue to rise finds new research

4 July 2015 – ‘Transport is key to our collective intelligence’ says new report from the Independent Transport Commission

19 June 2015 -‘Engage Cuba’ group launched in US to lobby for the lifting of travel and trade restrictions

6 June 2015 – Man travels ‘around the world’ in just 12 hours

31 May 2015 – Migrant crisis in the Mediterranean worsens

27 May 2015 – Thousands watch Cunard’s ‘Three Queens’ mark the company’s 175th anniversary

8 May 2015 – Going slow – half a million tune in to watch two-hour canal trip on BBC Four

21st April 2015 – Virtual reality is the future of travel says Facebook CEO

10th April 2015 – Transport Ireland® 2015 Conference asks: ‘Why travel?’

27th March 2015 – Driverless cars gaining momentum: freedom and safety on the roads of the future?

16th March 2015 – Selfie-sticks banned in the National Gallery – capturing travel in the social media age

4th March 2015 – China overtakes US as number one spender on international travel

19th February 2015 – Tourists behaving badly?

18th December 2014 – The romance of rail – and Japan’s Shinkansen golden jubilee

17th November 2014 – The future of travel?

5th November 2014 – Is pilgrimage ‘costing the Earth’?

5th October 2014 – Over 2 million Muslims gather in Mecca for Hajj

 23rd August 2014 – ITC 2014 Annual Lecture – videos now available online

31st July 2014 – Stephen Bayley: The death of travel?

5th July 2014 – ITC Annual Lecture asks ‘Why do we travel?’

29th June 2014 – Number of displaced persons reaches 50 million for first time since World War II

12th May 2014 – New travel app allows you to experience North Korea without leaving your armchair

4th May 2014 – A cure for travel sickness?

15th April 2014 – British Nationals fighting in Syria may have their citizenship revoked

13th February 2014 – Storms and floods cause widespread travel disruption

7th February 2014 – London ‘travel chaos’ as Tube strikes and storms disrupt journeys of millions of passengers

19th December 2013 – Airports Commission releases short-list of airport expansion options

1st Decemer 2013 – World Travel Market hosts 50,000 attendees in 4 days

6th November 2013 – If you care about the environment, should you fly?

29th October 2013 – The importance of face-to-face meetings: to travel or not to travel?

11th October 2013 – Active Travel Bill passed in Welsh Sennedd

2nd October 2013 – Dolman Travel Book of the Year announced