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A full archive of blog posts from the Why Travel website:

Sedentism: The great settling down?

Songlines: Travel, song and creation

“To boldly go where no one has gone before!”Science Fiction and Travel

Freedom to travel: a brief history of the passport

Marchetti’s Constant and Travel Time Budgets: one hour’s travel a day?

Loneliness and Travel

In the hands of the gods: deities, saints and spirits of travel

‘Border’ wins Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year, 2018

Educational Travel Today: Study Abroad, Road Schooling and Self Improvement

Travel as Education in 16th-19th Century Europe: From ‘Grand Tours’ to ‘Working Men’s Excursions’

Influencing tourist behaviour in Amsterdam: beer bikes, taxes and smart technology

The health benefits of travel

Health Tourism: Travelling for medical treatment, health and wellness throughout the ages

Largest ever all-female expedition to Antarctica: exploration, adventure travel and gender

Travelling to shop: the rise of shopping as a major motivation for international travel

First direct freight train from China arrives in London: towards the new Silk Road
ITC report reveals “seismic shifts” in individual travel behaviour in England

Chinese tourists in Kidlington – travel and the search for authenticity

 The Ethical Paradox of Last Chance Tourism

Bangkok overtakes London as the world’s top tourist destination

Restricting visitor numbers: does tourism need saving from itself?

Technological change and the future of travel: ITC Annual Lecture 2016

Creatures of habit: Why do a third of Britons return every year to the same holiday destination?

‘Striking changes’ in children’s travel finds new report: children travelling less independently and walking less

Active Travel Being Encouraged Worldwide: physically active mobility has wide-ranging benefits for the health and liveability of cities

The world’s largest annual human migration – travelling home for Lunar New Year

Troubles in the Schengen Zone: could this end passport-free travel in Europe?

Tourists arrested for flying a drone over the Vatican: drones and the future of tourism

Going Home: Virtual reality allows 88-year-old to ‘return home’ to his North Korean village for first time in 68 years

Mars One – A journey of exploration with no return home

Fewer young people in Europe are travelling: decline goes against global travel trends

‘Gun Control Australia’ calls for US Travel Boycott: ethical travel and boycotts

Gender and Travel: Iranian star footballer unable to compete because husband refused permission to travel

Travel jacket for frequent fliers breaks crowd-funding records

Tourist visits to Thailand fall dramatically following Bangkok bombing

We are ‘falling out of love with the car’ but the popularity of rail travel will continue to rise finds new research

‘Transport is key to our collective intelligence’ says new report from the Independent Transport Commission

‘Engage Cuba’ group launched in US to lobby for the lifting of travel and trade restrictions

Man travels ‘around the world’ in just 12 hours

Migrant crisis in the Mediterranean worsens

Thousands watch Cunard’s ‘Three Queens’ mark the company’s 175th anniversary

Going slow – half a million tune in to watch two-hour canal trip on BBC Four

Virtual reality is the future of travel says Facebook CEO

Transport Ireland® 2015 Conference asks: ‘Why travel?’

Driverless cars gaining momentum: freedom and safety on the roads of the future?

Selfie-sticks banned in the National Gallery – capturing travel in the social media age

China overtakes US as number one spender on international travel

Tourists behaving badly?

The romance of rail – and Japan’s Shinkansen golden jubilee

The future of travel?

Is pilgrimage ‘costing the Earth’?

Over 2 million Muslims gather in Mecca for Hajj

ITC 2014 Annual Lecture – videos now available online

Stephen Bayley: The death of travel?

ITC Annual Lecture asks ‘Why do we travel?’

Number of displaced persons reaches 50 million for first time since World War II

Travel app allows you to experience North Korea without leaving your armchair

A cure for travel sickness?

British Nationals fighting in Syria may have their citizenship revoked

Storms and floods cause widespread travel disruption

London ‘travel chaos’ as Tube strikes and storms disrupt journeys of millions of passengers

Airports Commission releases short-list of airport expansion options

World Travel Market hosts 50,000 attendees in 4 days

If you care about the environment, should you fly?

The importance of face-to-face meetings: to travel or not to travel?

Active Travel Bill passed in Welsh Sennedd

Dolman Travel Book of the Year announced